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It is important to understand the way your local weather affects emissions as it can help you predict and mitigate any impacts.

Meteorology is a key element of the projects we work on at Air Environment. Our work often focuses on the connection between air pollution sources and the effect they have on the community and built environment. The weather processes in the local environment drive this connection.

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We can analyse the key meteorological elements affecting your business and environment in a variety of ways – from making predictions using computer models to analysing data from a monitoring station.

We are proficient with a range of complex numerical weather prediction models and data analysis techniques, and have developed many in-house software tools specifically for assessing meteorological data on a job-by-job basis.

Our meteorological data can be used to drive air dispersion models in impact assessments of emissions from your activity, and to understand where the emissions came from when monitoring the ambient air at a site.

From forecasts to hindcasts and using weather data in real time, speak to Air Environment about your meteorological and air quality needs.

Whatever the weather, we can help make your project a success.