CSIRO roadmap for the oil and gas sector

CSIRO’s roadmap for Australia’s oil and gas sector

Australia’s CSIRO has released a roadmap for innovation in the oil and gas industry, which will not only improve the economics of current resources, but also minimise impacts on air, water and society.

The roadmap details way that new technology, such drones, AI and robotics could drive growth within the oil and gas industry. At Air Environment we believe this research-based approach is exactly the right direction to take.

According to Andrew Balch, Director of Air Environment: “The future of domestic energy security will depend on more efficient use of our resources, without compromising our air or water quality. CSIRO’s roadmap could provide a courageous government with the long-term planning that future energy generation needs.”

The roadmap identifies four pathways that are enabled by science and technology to help the sector address key challenges, including reducing the environmental and social impacts of new developments and plants – a core area of work for us here at Air Environment.

As the CSIRO press release says: “Technological innovation will not only help support the outputs of this important industry for Australia, but increase our efficiency to explore our resources, improve the economics of our current resources, minimise impacts on air and water, and identify new revenue streams like hydrogen.”

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) is the federal government agency for scientific research in Australia.

A Roadmap of future growth opportunities for Australia’s oil and gas sector from CSIRO

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