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Our experts

Air Environment scientists are recognised authorities in the air quality industry.

Andrew Balch
Andrew BalchDirector and Principal Consultant
Andrew Balch is a well-known air quality consultant and the founder of Air Environment.

Andrew has over twenty years’ experience in air quality consulting, including more than ten specialising in odour. He is a certified Air Quality Professional with leading industry body CASANZ, as well as the Deputy Chair of the CASANZ Odour Special Interest Group. He has presented and published multiple studies on air pollution management and is considered one of the foremost odour analysts in Australia.

“I really enjoyed working for the big names in environmental consulting, but I wanted to start a company that allowed me to do things differently. I wanted to make it responsive and agile and obsessed with high quality science. I’m pleased to say that Air Environment has managed to meet those goals,” says Andrew.

Over the course of his career, Andrew has designed and run all types of air quality assessments and studies, for a broad range of industrial sectors, government and community-based clients. Andrew’s goal is to deliver clear and honest scientific reports that stand up to robust scrutiny, are accessible to non-experts, and thoroughly answer the question posed by the clients – within schedule and budget.

Andrew’s diverse skills and experience enable him to understand the key air quality issues faced by businesses and how best to provide a solution that meets the expectations of the client, the environmental regulator and the community. His reputation for accuracy and integrity makes him well-trusted by all players.

His experience includes the monitoring of air quality and odour at the source and in the ambient air; gas sample laboratory analyses including odour testing by dynamic olfactometry; meteorological monitoring, modelling and data analysis; air and odour dispersion modelling and impact assessment; the assessment of regional climate and its variability; and the clear and concise reporting and communication of complex ideas and outcomes to all stakeholders.

Listen to Andrew as he discusses all things odour-related on ABC Radio.

Dr Michael Power
Dr Michael PowerAssociate Air Quality Consultant
Dr Mike Power is a respected air modelling expert with significant experience in consulting and government regulation.

Prior to joining Air Environment, Mike was a Senior Environmental Consultant for GHD’s Air, Noise and Meteorology team, and before that had a fifteen year career with the Tasmanian Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), culminating in the management of their Air Modelling Team. During his government career, Mike assessed the air quality aspects of more than one hundred industrial proposals, allowing him to offer a unique perspective on regulatory requirements. This experience is invaluable to our clients who rely on his expert air quality advice to manage their businesses and plan for future growth.

Throughout his career, Mike has closely worked with industry, as both an environmental regulator and consultant, in the fields of air quality, nuisance dust, odour, noise, and meteorological and climate assessment. Mike has a proven track record of resolving intractable environmental problems.

“I have enjoyed working in all aspects of air quality, both as a regulator and supporting industry. I see myself as someone who uses robust science and clear language to bridge both camps and bring people together to find a solution all parties are happy with.”
Mike has over twenty years’ experience in air quality, atmospheric dispersion modelling, noise, meteorology and environmental regulation. In 2001, Mike gained his doctorate in air pollution modelling, focusing on the atmospheric dispersion of industrial emissions and wood smoke throughout the Tamar Valley in northern Tasmania.

He also has significant knowledge and experience in the technical aspects of ambient air quality monitoring, having managed the EPA air monitoring network.

As an environmental consultant, Mike has successfully delivered a wide variety of projects such as environmental impact assessment studies of dust, odour and airborne contaminant dispersion, assessing odour emissions models, air quality policy development, technical review studies, and developing specialised modelling techniques and tools. Mike’s main areas of expertise include air quality and odour impact assessments, meteorological modelling and model performance evaluation, atmospheric dispersion modelling, air quality and meteorological monitoring network management and the development of air emission inventories.

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Erin Williams
Erin WilliamsBusiness Manager
Erin Williams is a highly skilled business manager and strategist for the team. She is working with the core scientists to ensure Air Environment remains fresh, relevant, agile and an employer of choice.

Erin’s job is to make sure that everyone who has any interaction with Air Environment, as an employee, client or contractor, comes away from the experience extremely satisfied.

Her expertise includes business strategy, client relationship management, stakeholder engagement, public relations and communications management. She has significant experience in small business setup and operations management, as well as project management and marketing. Erin’s professional career has included management consulting in the financial services industry and operating her own sales and consulting business in the food preparation industry.

Erin manages both the day to day operations and long term strategy of the business. This role encompasses client relationship management, business operations, administration and accounts, human resources, and information technology and management.

Ella Castillo
Ella CastilloSenior Air Quality Consultant
Like the rest of our highly qualified team, Senior Air Quality Consultant Ella Castillo is an outstanding atmospheric scientist and air quality modeller.

With over seventeen years’ experience in air quality, climate consulting and research, Ella is also known for being an innovator in her field, redesigning data tools to improve their speed and accuracy.

Ella ran a business providing pioneering data solutions for environmental research before joining Air Environment, as well as working for a range of top Australian air quality consultancies. She began her career at the Manila Observatory in The Philippines, where she specialised in climate studies and Geomatics.  Ella brings significant skills in weather data modelling and analysis, air dispersion modelling, air emissions measurement, database development, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and data analysis programming.

“I’ve been so impressed watching Air Environment grow, I just knew I had to be a part of it. Like me, Andrew and Mike spent many years working for big consulting companies, and we all wanted to be involved in something more streamlined. Less red-tape, more flexibility; the chance to be decisive and innovative and most importantly – the chance to build new and robust scientific approaches to air quality.

“Together we are going to revolutionise the way air quality data is collected, analysed and shared. Watch this space.”

Ella is well versed with the full range of numerical models and has applied these when conducting air quality assessments for a range of industries including mining, transport, energy and agricultural businesses.

Her high-tech expertise and boundary pushing data innovations is a great asset to the team, and complements Air Environment’s continuing focus on delivering high quality, cutting-edge science. For example, Ella pioneered the advanced use of GIS in air quality. She developed automated algorithms and techniques that created a connection between air quality and other environmental fields. These methods significantly improved model configuration efficiency and also enabled the translation of technical results into information that can be used in other studies, including environmental impact assessments.

Ella’s knowledge, exceptional analytical skills, diverse background and considerable experience have led to successful project outcomes for scores of air quality and climate assessments.