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Air Environment offers a wide range of air quality monitoring, modelling and assessment services to industrial, commercial and government clients.

Our expert scientists help our clients navigate all of their air quality issues, from complying with environmental evaluation orders, to applying for environmental licences and works approvals, to researching new ways of improving the air we breathe.

Air Environment can support your project from its conception, through development and approval, to ongoing operation and management.

Our diverse team has the rare distinction of being experienced in the entire range of meteorological and dispersion models and techniques, so we can assess exactly what a study needs and apply the combination most fit for purpose.

Our experience includes consulting, computer modelling and data management, software development, field monitoring, laboratory operation, environmental regulation, compliance and policy-making, quality systems and business management, as well as air and climate research.

This experience, coupled with our high quality and robust scientific approach, means we are able to foresee potential issues or navigate the sometimes stormy weather associated with the environmental approvals process.  Our thorough and knowledgeable approach will demonstrate to all concerned stakeholders and regulators how committed you are to finding the best outcome to your air quality matters.

At Air Environment we are committed to doing it right the first time, saving you time, money and hassle. Find out how our services in air quality, odour, meteorology and climatology can help make your project a success.

Our services

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