Understanding the longer term climate that your business operates in allows you to plan and manage a range of weather impacts.

If weather is the short-term variation in the state of the atmosphere from minutes to weeks, then the climate is the composite or average of that weather over longer periods of time, often 30 years. At Air Environment, we are interested in understanding the climate in which your business operates. This means we like to analyse each meteorological element over years to understand the long-term trends.

Our climate assessments look at trends in temperature, rainfall and large weather events to help you assess your risks.

Whether you are facing a heatwave, extreme cold, drought or flooding, understanding your local climate can be invaluable.

Businesses need to understand the weather risk to their operations. Do extreme hot days affect the safety, comfort and productivity of your employees, or does hot weather effect the operation of your plant equipment? Does humidity play a crucial role in the overall heat affect in your region? Is your business exposed to risks associated with drought or flood conditions? Are air emissions associated with your operations, such as dust, affected by meteorological conditions?

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When selecting a location for industrial development, many proponents fail to understand the climate of their site. The local meteorology and climate can affect your operations in many ways you may never have thought.

Speak to our climate scientists to learn more about your climate and how a climate or meteorological risk assessment can inform your business of potential exposures and risks.